Cloak.FM is our link cloaking and SEO PageRank Boosting plugin. Cloak.FM is a fully automated link cloaker that can boost your Affiliate Earnings by ensuring that you get paid on every sale you generate. You can customise your link appearance and even preload cookies to boost your earnings by up to 250%. Auto Keyword linking, Click tracking, and Image Cloaking round off an amazing feature set.

Within seconds of installation Cloak.FM will AUTOMATICALLY protect all your existing AND any future affiliate and image links you publish on your blog.  You won’t ever need to lift a finger again to cloak your links!  Protect Your Blog SEO from Google and Install this Plugin Now!

See the Cloak.FM Video Tutorial Below:

Click on the download button in the top right of this page to download your zip file.

Open your target blog and click on the Plugins > Add New menu and select the Upload link.

Click Choose File and select the zip you downloaded.

Once your plugin is uploaded click on the Activate Plugin link and a new menu item will appear in your sidebar. Click Install Now, enter your FTP details if asked and wait for your plugin to upload.

You will need to register your plugin by entering your Profit.FM username and password.


Refers to the global settings of this plugin or in other words the changes and effects this plugin will have on your site. This section allows you to moderate not only which posts but also which pages willl have their links auto-cloaked and which ones will be left for your manual editing.

  1. Find Links:has two (2) options for designating which links should be cloaked across your site:
    1. Look for links to cloak within posts and pages only (default)
    2. Find links anywhere on a page, including within widgets, side bar and practically anywhere on a page
  2. Include:has two (2) options:
    1. ALL External Links except these domains: You can add domains you want to be excluded from cloaking to the Domain Exception List (see dialog box below) for domains you don’t want to cloak
    2. ONLY these domains: You can add specific domains into the Domain Cloaking List Dialog Box (see dialog box below) for domains you want cloaked.  In the example dialog box below, it lists and 2 other domains – any links coming from these domains are automatically cloaked.


Cloak.FM cannot cloak links generated server-side.  Server-side generated links usually come from javascripts which reside in pop-up ads etc.

Link Cloaking


  1. Active: Enable this option to let Cloak.FM automatically cloak links
  2. Redirect Type:
    • There are currently 2 types of redirect available in Cloak.FM:
    • PHP Header Rredirect – This is the default setting and it should be okay for 90% of users. It uses the PHP header to perform a 301 redirect to the original URL. The is 100% search engine and affiliate network compliant. It may expose the original link destination in the URL of the browser but as the affiliate cookie is already in place this is generally not an issue
    • Cloaked Frame – This opens the original URL inside a full-page iframe so the browser URL shows the cloaked link and the original URL remains hidden. Some affiliate networks do not like this type redirect so check first before engaging it
  3. Default Cloaked Linked Designer: by clicking on the “Load Default” button,  it will load a default link which is going to be used. The link will be displayed below the button for you to view, or if you would like to make changes to it
  4. Regenerate previously cloaked links using this template: Check this option if you want to re-cloak all previously cloaked link with the new cloak format
  5. Load Default button: Can always revert to the original cloak link design

Designing Your Own Cloak:

If you want more control over the appearance of your cloaked links for SEO purposes or to better match your existing site navigation you can customise the default cloak URL by entering a new format here.

This box accepts any valid URL safe characters in addtion to the 4 special Cloak.FM tokens:

  • %anchor%: This can be used to insert a URL safe version of the anchor text of the link. Only characters a-z and 0-9 are allowed, all other character are removed including spaces. The final text will also be truncated to 20 characters
  • %rand%: This is 4 char random alphanumeric code. To prevent duplication ALL cloak URLs must contain this token somewhere inside the href attribute at least once
  • %tag%: If you are using tags in your blog posts you can have Cloak.FM choose a random tag from the post to use in the cloaked URL. This is not available if whole page cloaking is selected
  • %title%: This can be used to insert a URL safe version of the blog post title. Only characters a-z and 0-9 are allowed, all other character are removed including spaces. The text will also be truncated to 20 characters. This is not available if whole page cloaking is selected

You can combine these tokens however you want to create your own default Cloak URL.

Changing this setting will only affect links cloaked from this point on. In order to recloak all auto links using the new format, simply use the delete all auto button below the Links table.

If you make a mistake simply click Load Default button to restore.


Cloak Images

Cloaking images makes it look that images from external sites comes from your site instead of the original image’s location. Use image cloaking to increase authority and reduce auto-content footprints
Refers to cloaking images on your site. Through the help in this section, cloaking images is made as simple as it can be where it lets you specify each image you would want to be cloaked.

  1. Active: This is where you can turn this feature off or on according to your liking.
  2. Image Cloaking mode: This option allows a user to switch from PHP header Redirect to Cache locally.
  3. Cloak Template: Through this option you can custom set your cloak template.
  4. Default Template: Load the default image cloaking template.
  5. Available Tokens: The tokens are explained in the image, thus in the plugins it self as well.

Pre-load Cookies

Cookie preloading is an advanced affiliate technique. Used responsibly it can help boost your commissions and completely eliminate affiliate link hijacking.
You should have a thorough understanding of what is involved before enabling this feature. Please check the Cloak.FM Knowledgebase for more in depth info.

  1. Active: Checkbox to enable or disable cookie preloading
  2. Preload up to “X” cookies per page: This feature allows you to set the amount of cookies preloaded per visitor. Depending on the amount of affiliate links you have on your site you can adjust the amount of cookies to be preloaded. The default and generally accepted number would be around 5 cookies.  This prevents visitor’s browsers clogging with hundreds of cookies if you have hundreds of links in a page.
  3. Preload “X” % of hits (CTR): This feature is more directed toward the bloggers who use a banner/link hosted by the merchant. In order to avoid future complications, it is wise to set the % close to your actual Click through rate (CTR) for that merchant. This will effectively preload cookies to as many visitors as your actual CTR for that banner/link/merchant, thus avoiding any investigations by the merchant. The bloggers who host the banners themselves do not need to worry much about this. See more on this section: What is CTR.
  4. Only preload if domain is on affiliate network list: You have control over which affiliate networks you pre-load cookies for.  Any domains inputted in this dialog box will have a cookie pre-loaded.

    1. Affiliate List: This is a hyperlink, which opens a window in which to enter the domains in the affiliate’s list.  Some of them are already filled as default safe list.
  • Only preload if referrer is on safe list: This feature is also a security step and it correlates to the feature in step 3. This feature will allow you to set the domains from which you believe that a customer will come from. We have already included many domains which customers will likely come from, such as the major search engine sites.

    1. Safe List: This is a hyperlink, which opens a window in which to enter the domains in the safe list.  Some of them are already filled as default safe list.
  • Enable cookie preload on mouseover: This feature will preload the cookies ONLY when a visitor hovers their mouse over the banner/affiliate link  on the page, rather than pre-loading them when he/she opens the page
  • Test mode: Lets you test which links get cookie preloaded when a page is visited.  This will essentially display a dialog box everytime a cookie is preloaded.  DISABLE THIS FEATURE WHEN YOU ARE GOING LIVE.

What is CTR?

CTR is the Click Through Rate you want your cookie preloader to simulate. This setting is only relevant if you are using hosted banners or code from your affiliate network or sponsor. By using hosted banners or code you allow your affiliate manager to see how many views or visitors your pages are getting (impressions). If you then preload every visitor with a cookie your stats will show a 100% Click Through Rate (CTR). Nobody gets a 100% CTR, a safe industry average is more like 15-30%.

CTR Control Tip:

If you don’t have any hosted banners or code from your affiliate network on your site then your affiliate network can have no idea how many impressions your pages get so you can safely set the CTR to 100%

Setting the CTR to 50% means that half of all page views will trigger the cookie preloader.
Setting the CTR to 25% means that 1 in 4 page views will trigger the cookie preloader


Auto Linking Keywords

Cloak.FM can automatically turn keywords into affiliate links to maximise your earning potential on every page of your site.

  1. Active: This is where you can switch this feature on or off.
  2. Automatically add discovered keywords: 
  3. Automatically add new anchors as keywords: 
  4. Exclude header tags “<h1>, <h2>…” from auto linking keywords: Do not link cloak keywords found in header tags
  5. Link a keyword up to “X”  time(s) per URL: Manages how many times should a keyword be link to the same url.  Usually ’1′ is a good number
  6. Link up to “X”  keywords per page: Controls the number of keywords to be auto linked in a page
  7. Link up to “X”  keywords per domain per page: Controls how many keywords gets auto linked to the same domain per page
  8. Open internal links in new window: Option to open internal links in a new window or the same browser window

Hoard Page Rank

Everyone knows that too many external links on your site lowers your pagerank. People often attempt to use nofollow tags to ‘sculpt’ pagerank and prevent Google following external links. In our experience this no longer works very well and Google has pretty much admitted that it now follows nofollow (go figure!).
The only sure way to preserve 100% of your pagerank is to have NO external links on your pages but that means no clicks, no affiliate offers and no payday right….?
Cloak.FM’s new Pagerank Hoarder technology will identify when Googlebot is visiting your site and display your pages with NO external links, BUT when a human visitor is identified Cloak.FM displays all your links as normal (auto cloaked of course) so you get clicks and of course GET PAID!

  1. Active: Checkbox to enable disable Hoard Page Rank Feature
  2. Show only link(s) to these search engine spiders: Specify a list of user agents (spiders) which index your site
  3. Use spider safe links only: Enabling this feature lets you specify that spider safe only links can be shown to spiders.  You can specify which links are spider safe only by going through your Links Table and modify each link to be spider safe.

Your Links Table

This is where you will find all the links that Cloak.FM has cloaked.  There are a number of activities you can perform here:

  1. Add Manual Links.
  2. Assign keywords to each link for auto linking.
  3. Indicate if a link is spider safe.

Clone Settings

You can save your current settings and use it to configure another of your WordPress sites or just have a backup of your settings.

  1. Deactivate you Cloak.FM if it is activated.
  2. Using an ftp client, upload initial_settings.txt into /_cloakfm folder found in /wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate Cloak.FM


A log of Cloak.FM’s activities on your site. A useful reference in the case of anything not working as expected.


[plugin_changelog plugin="cloakfm"]