Traffic Tagger Update

With the Traffic Tagger launch coming closer (Aug 5th) I’ve been putting the finishing touched to this nifty little plugin. For those of you that don’t know, Traffic Tagger is the successor to my very successful TagPiG/Tag.FM plugins. It has been completely re-written from the ground up and is leaner and meaner than ever, it is probably the most focused piece of software I have ever written! I’ll leave the full sales pitch until launch but I really do think that Traffic Tagger could well be the holy grail of WordPress tag management. If you’re a lucky Profit Pass holder you can download Traffic Tagger beta now from the members link on your products page. Today’s updates include a few under the hood tweaks which have resulted in some excellent efficiency gains. I hope you enjoy it.

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Zen Member Update

I’ve just released a new update to v 1.0.7 of Zen Member, our ultra-lightweight product protection script. Zen Member is currently in private beta and if you’re helping us test it out then you should update your plugin using the normal WordPress plugin updater in WP Admin. Based on feedback I’ve made some subtle but significant changes to how Zen Member works and you’ll need to check that it is still working as you expect after the update. WordPress Roles The first significant change is the inclusion of a WordPress roles chooser in the admin UI. This allows you to choose which of your current WordPress roles should be allowed to bypass the Zen Member protection for all your protected products. This is great for allowing JV access to your products. It also allows you give administrators (i.e. you) access to all of your products all of the time without having to worry about going via the JVZoo members area, great for testing purposes. Regular Expression Based File Protection I’ve upgraded the file protection module to now use regular expressions (regex) so you can now be much more flexible in specifying exactly which folders and/or files you want protected. Regex can look a little complicated at first glance but it’s pretty once you know the basics of the syntax. I’ve included a couple of examples in the UI. We actually use a combination of both the examples to product all the zip & pdf folders in our /downloads/ folder and sub-folders. Here’s our regex: ^downloads/.*\.(zip|pdf)$ Thanks for all your help & feedback in beta testing Zen Member so far. I’m going to be extending the beta audience shortly so there may be more tweaks and changes in the coming weeks. Let me know in the Skype group if you see any problems.

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Blog Defender Htaccess Update

We’ve decided the custom htaccess provided with Blog Defender is not as beneficial to the majority of our users as we had hoped. There are simply too many iterations of hosts, servers, plugins and themes to run a safe script that works for everyone and if it can’t work everyone then it’s not useful to us. The security plugins provided throughout the Blog Defender course are more than capable of providing your site with all the protection they need. The htaccess was our ‘belt & braces’ and we feel it’s no longer necessary. In order to ensure that your sites continue to run as smoothly you’ll need to reset your htaccess back to the WordPress default. I’ve created a short video below showing you exactly how to do this on your sites. Here’s the link to find the default WordPress htaccess as desicribed in the video In addition to this change I’ve made some changes to the zip download in Blog Defender so that we’re not distributing out of date plugins, I’ve replace all the zips with shortcuts to the product download pages instead. I hope you’re enjoying the Blog Defender course and that it’s keeping your sites safe and secure.

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Profit Pass Update For Founder Members

I mentioned in a post a few weeks back that Profit Marketer lifetime members had been transferred over to our new Profit Pass level. This has all gone pretty smoothly and since then I’ve succeeded in bringing most of the new products into the new Profit Marketer hub. One of the areas I did need to do some more work on was creating a better members landing page for our Profit Pass members and the first step of that went live today. If you’re a Profit Pass member you’ll be greeted by a new members page after you log in with clearer directions on how to access our products. Access Profit Pass here Profit Pass still isn’t ready for public release so the new members page will be updated more the closer we get to launch. And of course we’re adding more products all time. Enjoy your Profit Pass!

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+80 New Premium Themes & 4 Plugins Added

So Benjie has just informed me that he’s finished uploading over 80 brand new themes to WP Mega Pack, you should see them all in your members area right now. This brings the total retail value of all the premium themes inside WP Mega Pack to an amazing $27,500! You will truly never need to buy another premium theme ever again. I’ve also added a new filtering system to WP Mega Pack that will give you much quicker access to themes from a particular vendor and it also allows to quickly find the parent themes that are required for a lot of the child themes. Premium Plugin Club wasn’t left out and also got 4 brand new plugins added including a plugin to mobilize any theme and a nifty little page builder. Go and check them out!

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New Product – Premium Plugin Club

The recent launch of WP Mega Pack was a roaring success. Thank you to everyone involved. But we did screw something up, or rather, in hindsight we’ve decided that we could have done something much better so we’re implementing that change today. We originally launched 2 products – WP Mega Pack and WP Mega Pack Pro. Both contained thousands of dollars worth of premium WordPress plugins and themes and that’s the problem in a nutshell. They BOTH contained plugins AND themes. This makes no sense and is clearly causing confusion for members whilst they try and work out whether the plugin or theme they are looking for is in either the normal version or the pro version. Something had to be done. From today WP Mega Pack Pro is no more. We’ve moved all of the premium themes from WP Mega PRO into the basic WP Mega Pack product so that now contains over $21,000 worth of premium themes! So if you had a WP Mega Pack PRO membership you can still access ALL of your amazing themes by simply going to your WP Mega Pack product in JVZoo. All the themes are now neatly stored in one place – WP Mega Pack. We’ve created a new product called Premium Plugin Club and this contains, yes you guess it, ALL of the plugins from both WP Mega Pack and WP Mega Pack PRO. If you had an existing WP Mega Pack Pro membership you have automatically been given a Premium Plugin Club membership and you can access via the green button in your JVZoo account. Premium Plugin Club is a bit lighter on plugins with just over $2k worth of premium plugin in their currently but now that it has a clear focus we can start adding more and more plugins over the coming weeks! So that’s probably all as clear as mud right now? Great job Gary… Okay let me clarify. WP Mega Pack – Now contains NO plugins and ALL the premium themes (+$21k) WP Mega Pack Pro – Gone away Premium Plugin Club – Now contains NO themes and ALL the plugins (+$2k). You have access to this if you bought WP Mega Pack Pro. Clearer? Good. This is going to be so much better!    

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9 New Premium Themes Added To WP Mega Pack Pro

Hi Everyone. I’ve just added 9 brand new premium themes to WP Mega Pack PRO worth a total retail value of  $315! You can download all the themes now in the members area. Don’t forget to access it via  the green button in your JVZoo account for the first time after purchase. WP Mega Pack PRO is not available to the public yet and is an exclusive collection of over $15k worth of premium plugins and themes that we make available to people who purchase the base WP Mega Pack offer. If would like to purchase WP Mega Pack simply click here, it’s only $17 all this week! If you have already purchased WP Mega Pack but didn’t yet upgrade to the Pro level you’ll find a link on your WP Mega Pack members page. More updates soon.    

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Profit Marketer Is Dead, Long Live Profit Marketer!

Profit Marketer (originally called is now over 3 years old and what a journey it has been. We’ve had lots of good times and a few too many times too but overall I’ve enjoyed this project immensely. So what’s next for Profit Marketer? Well last week I closed Profit Marketer down to new sales. This is good thing, you’re going to have to trust me on that one! Profit Marketer is no longer excepting new members. From today Profit Marketer is relaunching as a new joint venture between myself and Matt Garrett. Matt & I have successfully run Niche Reaper together for many years and we launched Ultimate Social together late last year. Well now the planets have truly aligned and we’re doing the first in a series of new launches on the 26th June and it’s called WP Mega Pack. WP Mega Pack is a wrapper for all of the premium GPL plugins and themes you came to love as part of your Profit Marketer membership. We’ve completely updated the library and it now contains well over $13,000 worth of the latest premium theme and plugins updates. They’re now all contained on a single page so it is much easier to download them too. Profit Marketer itself is no longer a product, it is now the brand behind all our future product launches. So what happens to your existing Profit Marketer membership? Don’t worry, you’ve been locked-in (in a good way)! If you purchased a Profit Marketer lifetime membership or you have held a Profit Marketer monthly subscription for some time then you’ve already been upgraded to our new Profit Pass, just login to Profit Marketer with your normal username & password. Profit Pass is not available to the public, no one can currently buy a Profit Pass. We’re not even sure we’ll ever sell a Profit Pass ever again. But if you qualify now you’ve already got one. A Profit Pass gives you access to all of our products, some you know already and some are brand new. Your Profit Pass is going to become a very valuable asset, keep it safe! Your Profit Pass does come with a few conditions: You must log in to Profit Marketer within the next 3 months to claim your Profit Pass upgrade. On September 17th all account that have not logged in will be deleted, no exceptions) You cannot share or sell your Profit Pass (multiple IPs will result in deleted accounts) You agree to participate on our early release beta program for future products They’re not too taxing right? How Do I Get Access To The New Products? We’re still working out the chinks as I write this but the bulk of things are now in place. Starting today you can use your new Profit Pass to access Niche Reaper and download thousands of dollars of premium themes and plugins from WP Mega Pack. To access WP Mega Pack and the other products (as I add them to Profit…

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NicheReaper 2 Beta

Over the past few months I have been hard at work developing a brand new version of my flagship keyword research product – NicheReaper. NicheReaper 2 is infinitely more powerful than the original NicheReaper. Here are a few highlights: Analyse deep inside all the ranking result returned for any keyword Create your own scoring system for identifying your own opportunities The entire page one of Google Results is analysed for every keyword New Commercial Intent indicators to focus on true buying keywords Plus it looks the shizzle too! Today (Monday 10th Feb) I’ll be switching over the old NicheReaper system to the new NicheReaper 2 so if you have an active Niche Reaper membership head on over and have a play. Niche Reaper is closed to new membership and version 2 officially launches on the 19th March so if you’re not currently a member you’ll have to wait a few more weeks until it relaunches. You can find the Niche Reaper dashboard here.

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WP Supervisor EOL

Click here to continue to your WPS Dashboard As many of know my WP Supervisor product is actually a whitelabel licensed version of the very popular Infinite WP product. Unfortunately Infinite WP have made the decision not to allow me to renew the white label license for our WPS version. I have spent over many months trying to negotiate relicensing with them along with various other possible solutions but to no avail. From a legal and moral perspective I cannot keep WPS running any longer without access to a whitelabel license from IWP. As a result I am reluctantly going to have to shut-down WPS in 30 days time – 11th March 2014. You’ll have a full 30 days to setup your sites on another WordPress management platform. As WPS doesn’t actually interfere with the hosting and/or running of your sites I don’t foresee any major issues. If you’re looking for another tool to manage your WordPress sites I highly recommend the up and coming MainWP. This has the major advantage of being a self-hosted solution, you simply need to install their WordPress plugin on your hub site and their child plugin on your blogs. That’s right, MainWP is entirely hosted inside WordPress! It has almost exactly the same features as my WPS solution and the best part is it is completely free for up to 5 sites and only $75 for unlimited sites! Click here to get your free MainWP account Click here to continue to your WPS Dashboard Kinds regards Gary Prendergast

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