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Whether you’re just starting out in online marketing, or are a seasoned professional wanting to up your game even further, you’ll find videos here that cover every aspect of running a profitable online business.


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Learn new tactics, craft better strategies, discover new opportunities for making money.  Choose from major categories like WordPress, Authority Blogging, SEO, Social Media, List Building, and Internet Marketing. You’ll discover how to put together highly optimized cash generating blogs and websites in multiple niches quickly and easily.


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Every one of your money making sites will be your own unique and individual creation because you’ll be using the most impactful Premium WordPress Themes available. You get unlimited access to a huge library of the web’s best fully licensed premium themes. You’ll always have the ultimate flexibility in designing your sites for the highest possible profitability.

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You’ll be assured of making the most money possible from your WordPress based websites, because you’ll have all the incredible functionality the 88 Premium WordPress Plugins included in your Profit Marketer membership deliver. You can do almost anything imaginable with this huge collection of amazing tools. They’ve been designed to be fully integrated with the step-by-step online training and the other powerful systems included in your membership. You really won’t find an easier or more effective online money making system than the completely turnkey Profit Marketer system.

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The new WP Supervisor (holy smokes that’s good!) just saved me hours of time and frustration (plus the cost of Backup Buddy, which I was about to buy). Just wanted to pass along the gratitude of very slick product–thanks!Danno Sullivan (Monthly Member)

This is just awesome! I cannot believe the value add you have here. All this for an extremely low monthly fee! I am speechless Mark (Lifetime Member)

This is probably one of the best investments that I’ve made. It has all the trainings, the plugins, the themes anyone can ask for. If you are looking for more, you are either way too advance or you are still seeking the magic bullet. I am waiting for the transition to the new profit marketer platform so I can follow a certain path. Thank you for giving so much!!! Adrian (Monthly Member)


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If you’re a beginner who’s been searching the web for an answer to your prayer of finding something that will help you get started right, you could very well be overwhelmed with the huge number of choices out there. It can be mind boggling, right? If you’re somewhere between being a rookie and being an expert, you may have felt like you were spinning your wheels in the past, buying lots of disconnected training, software, themes and plugins, from a variety of sources, trying to understand it all and cobble together a working online money making business. It’s not so easy, is it? If you’re already an old pro, you may be searching for a way to take your business to the next level while simplifying it at the same time. You probably want to build your sites faster and save as much time doing it as humanly possible, don’t you? No matter which category you’re in, your investment in a Profit Pass Membership delivers exactly what you’re looking for. No more shopping around amongst a multitude of vendors to get to your desired end result. We understand and feel your pain and frustrations. Heck, we used to sell good stuff piecemeal too. Then it became obvious that people just like you wanted something much simpler. A one stop, single source, turnkey, push button solution that not only shows you what to do, it tells you how to do it step-by-step and provides you every single resource you need to do it all in one affordable place.The solution? Profit Marketer. It’s your license to every tool and training we’ve ever created as well as all those we create in the future. It’s all bundled for you within one easy to use, power packed membership. All area access, lifetime support and lifetime upgrades on everything, as long as you’re a member. Use everything included in your Profit Pass Membership on an unlimited number of sites you personally own. It’s an incredible deal and is unbeatable value.

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